Why Cowon?

 Multi-codec Support.
Cowon players offer a wide range of codec support. All our players offer FLAC (Free Lossless Audio codec) and OGG file format support which lets you enjoy music in a clearer and more professional audio quality. Video format list includes AVI, WMV, DAT and MKV to name a few popular ones. Divx 3/4/5 are also supported on our models like the V5.

Jet Effect

EQ Filter + BBE + Stereo Enhance + Reverb
EQ Filter-Each band of the equalizer can be adjusted in detail.
BBE sound effect that refines the sound quality.
Mach3Bass - Provides deeper, tighter, and more musically accurate bass frequency.
3D Surround - Provides the three-dimensional surround sound effect.
MP Enhance: Restores and enhances the harmonics lost through compression.
Stereo Enhance: Enriches the stereo sound.
Reverb: Maximizes natural and live presence of the sound.

FM Radio+Recording and Voice Recording
All Cowon models are equipped with the above.

No Conversions needed.
You don't need any special software to run our players. Just plug and play, drag and drop!

Battery Life.
Cowon players are known for their high battery life! Some of our models can offer up to 65hrs of battery life for music! All players can be charged by USB as well.

AV Out + HDMI TV Out.
This is a special feature in Cowon players. You can connect all Video based players to your TV via an optional TV out cable. So watch your favourite movies on big screen with the help of an optional TV out cable. The V5 has the HD in TV out offering a display of 800 x 480 resolution.

Red Dot Design Award Winners.
Cowon V5, J3, iAudio E2 and iAudio9 are all declared winners of the prestigious Red Dot design award.

Please refer to individual player specification for details, above features are true for majority models.